Amy HoopLovin

International Hula Hoop Artist

Amy HoopLovin is a captivating and entertaining hula hooping extraordinaire!

Amy performs with her many hoops at festivals, galas, weddings and lots more! 
Multiple Hooping is for sure her speciality as well as hoop juggling, hoop balancing & hoop acrobatics. 

Spinning hoops from her toes to her nose!

Amy trained herself for 5 years before commencing a degree at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London in 2015.

Amy performs all over the world with her different acts and most recently her Hooper Hero Show!  

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Brand New HoopLovin Venture


Highly-Skilled & Engaging
Hula-Hoop Kids & Hen Party Entertainment!

The Hooper Hero Show | Hula Hoop Workshops | Super Fun Games

Birthdays | Weddings | Hen Dos


Want to learn Hoop Dance skills with Amy HoopLovin?

Invite her to bring a selection of fantastically jam-packed workshops to your local

Hooping Community  and/or learn 1-to-1!

'Hoop Dance Flow & Body Movement' 

'Multiple Hoops Splits & Crazy Combos' 

'Hoop Dance Tricks & Sequences' 

'Hip-Hooping & Badass Breaks'

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