Amy HoopLovin's Hula Hoop Shows are perfect for all kinds of events from Festivals, Corporate Events, Weddings, Birthdays and Village Fairs.

Amy's sensational performances are a fantastic way to totally engage crowds.

The Hooper Hero Show

Hilarious, fully interactive, incredible skill and very engaging for all

Tailored to suit audiences

15-60 minutes long

Suitable for all areas, events and venues

Minimal requirement for technical setup

Sensational Multiple Hoops Performance

HoopLovin acts can be from 4 to 10 minutes long.

 Character/clown based performances with narrative as well as highly skilled hula hooping & audience interaction

Fire & Glitter Hoop Show

Full of glamour, glitter & fire

Totally captivating

Blow your guests away

A real crowd enlivener

Colourful, Sparkly & Lively Hoopabout Entertainment

Interactive & delightful

Stilt walking & hooping combined

Ambient hoop dancing

Getting everyone in the spin and hooping

Day & night time mostly indoor & outdoor events

Hula Hooping For Your Business Team

Team building trainings for corporate businesses

Games to play to encourage connection, communication, trust and inclusive camaraderie

Developing motor skills and hand eye coordination

Group hoop exercises & body awareness

Inspiring enthusiasm for being in the workplace and working effectively