Flow & Body Movement (with "Breaks")


Hoop Dance is a beautiful way to be expressive, creative, playful and inspiring to yourself and others. Unlocking your "flow" is something that develops as you get more and more comfortable in your Self, your dance and your individual expression.

What is Flow and how do you get it!?
"Flow" in regards to hooping, means an all encompassing fluid movement, captivating dance and an entrancing and meditative experience for the hooper and potentially for anyone who is witnessing them. Often when we are in this state of flow it can be described as a movement meditation which in shamanic terms is a ritual of sorts. This brings in a deeper sense of connection with ourselves and often this sparks an opportunity to develop our self-love and become happier in each moment that we're twirling.
The great news is we are all able to find the 'flow' within ourselves because we're made of flow, we just need the keys to unlock more of it.
During this workshop, I take the hooping individuals on a journey into their dance and own element through exercises and amazing music. I also share specific whole body movements that have been designed to unlock the body into more fluidity when dancing with a hoop. These techniques will build the foundations for hoopers to move and dance with more confidence, grace, freedom and joy and into their own playfully creative self-expression.

During this workshop, I also to teach an array of *breaks. I strongly feel that "breaks" are a wonderful key to dancing with hoops whether with or without music though when it is with we have the opportunity to "break" on the beat. This creates rhythmic movements and more flow. This is an optional extension to the class and it has been proved to be very beneficial and worthwhile for all previous participants.

to change direction of the hoops spin.

This is a 1.5 to 2 hour workshop and is available to be part of a HoopLovin Day/Weekend Intensive.

To book this workshop and/or to bring it to your hometown, please get in touch.