Hoop Revelations

How do you know when you're having  a "Hoop Revelation"?
Because of the enormous smile on your face!

The Hoop Dance journey with the progression of tricks, transitions and techniques truly fascinating and invigorating! Those moments that have literally stopped me in my tracks and made me rejoice out loud with "Oh my gosh!", "Wooooow!" and "YES!!". These moments that I have experienced many many times over, now have a name, it is "Hoop Revelations"! It is amazing to witness so many others have these moments time and time again and it's highly likely that these moments occurring is exactly why hooping is such a buzz!

It is very likely that we all experience at least one "Hoop Revelation" moment every single time we hoop! These delightful surprises and new forms of expression come out when least expected. With new inspirations, we can then focus on expanding them to make them feel and look even more amazing. This process happens with an ease as opposed to any force, these expressions are ready to come out and develop when they're ready too. It is gloriously fun to challenge ourselves to just be present in the hoop and to see what creative genius comes out!

During the Hoop Revelations Workshop:

You will learn how to develop your ability to being present and allowing yourself to just be yourself as you are, in your hoop bubble. You will learn are a whole variety of mini hoop dance sequences all of which came from these Hoop Revelations moments and were developed and expanded. These will likely spur on bursts of inspiration in you to discover you're own epiphanies.

Hoop Revelations are what guide moves/tricks to expand into something even more spectacular. An example of this is "The Mega Palm Spin" of which I developed through combining two different ways of spinning the hoop! Feel free to check out the Tutorial.

You will have the opportunity to learn some truly great moves as well as mini hoop dance sequences. You will get insights into how you can better access the parts of yourself that allow your own Hoop Revelations to transpire more and more. 
This will be sure to encourage your creativity and inner hoop dancer to come out to play more and more.


Hoop Revelations naturally occur in the moments that you're present with your Self and your hoop!