Hoop Dance is a full body workout inviting self-expression and many “AHA” moments!
Hooping creates the opportunity to connect deeper to ourselves through play, movement and laughter.


It is now understood widely that hula hooping is a fantastic full body workout as well an opportunity to connect more with ourselves.
Hooping invites us to be even more creative, expressive and playful and as adults it can be highly beneficial for us to have an outlet as such for our physical and emotional health.

Hooping can involve learning lots of techniques, these can instil great confidence and boost self-esteem as we improve every time we pick up our hoop!
As our skills with the hoop grow in each moment, this often leads many into letting go of stress and tensions in the body. People often leave a session feeling that they had a great workout too!

        “I feel my soul has much more peace during and after hooping. My mind chatter quietens and I become much more still and relaxed.
Being in a hoop flow is a movement meditation for sure.” - Sharon