Hoop Dance is a wonderful way for people to express themselves
through movement, flow, expression and creativity


Hoop Dance is a full body movement and entrancing art form which evokes creative self-expression, playfulness and connection. The hula hoop offers amazing opportunities to connect deeper to ourselves through play, exploration, dance, laughter and discovery.


It is now understood widely that hula hooping and/or Hoop Dancing is a fantastic full body workout as well an opportunity to connect more with ourselves.
Hooping gives opportunity for us to be creative, expressive and playful and as adults it's very important for us to have these outlets for our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

A Hoop Dance journey involves learning lots of hoop tricks, transitions and techniques as well as building a strong foundation of core body hooping.
Confidence and ability within the hoop grows in what feels like every moment. This leads most hoopers into being able to let themselves go go as well as and any worries and concerns as they "Hoop It Out".

Great For Your Mind & Soul

Since I began my Hoop Dance journey, I have noticed how my mind has become much more equipped to holding information, learning new things and how I have developed all round as a human being. I am now incredibly creative, more switched on, energised, mostly always really happy and I feel fulfilled in mostly all areas of my life and aware of how I can improve on the rest. Hooping plays a large part in supporting me in staying committed to myself in continuously developing my self-awareness and self-love. It has been an attribute to me gaining more insights in life and acceptance for all that happens. I continue to learn how I have the power to create my reality and how it's up to me to make the most of my life!                  

I feel my soul has much more peace during and after hooping. My mind chatter quietens and I become much more still and relaxed.
Being in a hoop flow is a movement meditation for sure.