One of my many missions is to share with as many people as possible how fulfilling and enlivening playing and dancing with a plastic circle is. 
Hoop Dancing has the power to unlock the whole body into absolute freedom.


How I Came To Teach

I made a commitment to myself to take my hoops with me everywhere I went and this lead me to teaching lots of random people at festivals and other events. This was great fun and I then had lots of other people to hoop/play with where as beforehand I was always the only “hooper”. I have always immensely enjoyed the reactions of people when they are hooping on their waists for the first time in there life, it really is priceless! Many grown ups often have big realisations about their own self-limiting beliefs when they are able to hoop around their waists as they often have had the belief that they could never do it. I love to spend a little bit of time with people and teach them the correct techniques of waist hooping as when they are successful it very often leads a tremendous positive development on their self-esteem.
I set up my first hooping business and called it ‘Hoola Moola’ after my huge love for cows. I began my first hooping classes which were Hoop Fitness based on the 1st July 2012 in Lymington, Hampshire. The classes went down really well and I would promote my classes by walking and hooping up and down Lymington high street it was exciting to have new faces turn up to my classes each week. The hoop fitness classes began to turn into Hoop Dance after a student asked me to do a Hoop Dance demonstration after I mentioned that that’s what I am really passionate about. I showed the whole class and the response and cheers were amazing and also surprising to me… This sparked the interest in the students to learn more hoop dance based tricks, transitions and techniques as well as planting a tiny seed in my awareness of potentially performing one day. The Hoop Dance & Fitness community really began to develop in Lymington and that’s when I decided to brach out and start running courses in Bournemouth March 2013. I soon came to realise how much I had grown as a teacher and also as a performer and I became known as Amy HoopLovin, this then lead to my business re-branding to ‘HoopLovin’ at the beginning of 2014. I had lots of help from a great friend of mine, Vanessa Cooke from Cookie Design and I am so happy with how very well established, thriving and growing the HoopLovin brand is.

Amy runs workshops for all ages and levels of ability across the UK and internationally. Amy is currently based in London.


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