Improve your

Cardiovascular Health

Endurance & Muscular Strength

Flexibility & Posture

Confidence & Creative Expression

Whole Body Coordination

Balance Alignment

Other Benefits:

Induces laughter, self-expression and creativity

Develops more positive mindsets due to the many "YES I DID IT!" moments

Quietens and stills the mind as well as invoking a deeper connection to yourself


Burn fat and tone your body

Whilst hooping, your body engages some of the biggest muscles in the body which often requires a significant amount of energy. A hula hoop workout forces the body to burn fat stores. 

During HoopLovin classes, slightly heavier hoops are used as they are actually easier to use and they help to stimulate the muscles more.  Hoop exercises to tone shoulders and forearms are also carried out during the Hoop Fitness classes.

Hooping improves your coordination & balance

When structuring HoopLovin courses, I realised how beneficial it is to carry out exercises that build on the body's coordination and balance. I developed a number of exercises using bean bags and hoops where there is all sorts of throwing, catching and balancing involved. These exercises have helped people regain confidence in their bodies but particularly offering an opportunity to realise how "they still got it!" and increasing participants' confidence and self-belief.

Hooping improves flexibility of your spine

The motion of hula hooping when on the waist is forwards and backwards, this naturally engages a flowing motion with your spine. Increased practice will train your spine to a greater range of motions therefore increasing your spines flexibility and also strengthening your core back muscles. The motion develops and becomes more wave like, fluid and free. Hooping helps many people with pre-existing back problems ease their pain and some very often eliminate their back problems completely.
You're advised to consult your doctor if you have any concerns about your pre-existing medical problems before joining any HoopLovin class/workshop intensive.