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Learn super cool hoop manoeuvres from total beginner through to advanced! 

The workshops can be formal; with everyone learning at the same time or more informal; with Amy throwing out loads of hoops and teaching people individually to suit their ability.

All workshops can be tailored to suit abilities, age and time frames. 

Amy has been professionally teaching hula hoop skills since 2011 and can encourage almost anyone to give it a go and be successful! This is because there are a "gajillion" tricks to learn so there is ALWAYS something for everyone! 

Whether it is for team building at your organisation, working with people with learning difficulties or hosting workshops at parties of all kinds, Amy accommodates all and brings a light-hearted and passionate approach to learning!


Cardiovascular Health

Endurance & Muscular Strength

Flexibility & Posture

Confidence & Creative Expression

Whole Body Coordination

Balance Alignment

and especially...

Induces laughter, self-expression and creativity

Develops more positive mindsets due to the many "YES I DID IT!" moments

Quietens and stills the mind as well as invoking a deeper connection to yourself