I'm so happy to have met this very extraordinary being!

Amy's spirit is so exuberant, bubbly, and loving, that it is spilling over into her whole persona, making her a colourful, radiant, and glittery appearance with an infectious giggle!

Though I admire her for being one of the most graceful and talented hoopers I have ever come across, and like the fact that we are both fruit-a-holics and (not so) anonymous glitter addicts, what I love most about Amy is simply who she is and what she stands for.

She is such a peace(full) warrior. I think it's safe to say she touches and transforms everyone that crosses her path, even if subtly. She is a voice for animals through dedicated veganism. And a huge inspiration to all women around her by her being unapologetically herself and loving it.

I feel very, very blessed to have her sparkle in my life. Since the moment we met we started reflecting each others light, magnifying our strengths and visions.

I *highly* recommend following her on Facebook and youtube because I have seen some of the stuff she is about to share with the world and it is seriously next level!