I joined one of the HoopLovin Beginner's Hoop Dance courses which Amy taught. Although i really enjoyed the classes, my energy at the time was very low as I was having severe anxiety issues. I loved the class but would feel so ill with anxiety just before going and it was a push for me to go. I didn't complete the course in the end because of my anxiety but in hindsight that really didn't matter...

When sharing with Amy why I was having trouble attending, I explained some of my anxiety issues and she actually took the time to come and visit me at my home. We did some EFT together as Amy is a practitioner and I was able to use these anxiety reducing techniques even after Amy left.
Even though I didn't complete the course, a seed was planted in me from the first class which allowed me to empower myself and use self-help techniques as well as have support from others. These combined enabled me to overcome my anxieties.

I now love to be outside in my garden hooping even in view of the neighbours and anyone else who cares to see me strutting my hooping stuff! I looooove it! I am free, I feel free, I am me!!
I have a snapshot in my head of the sun going down over the top of a sunflower in my garden, and my hoop whizzing around, glistening in the sun. It is bliss!!

Thank you Amy. Your unconditional caring and amazing classes helped change my life!

xxxx You are an inspiration xxxx