I successfully completed the Beginners Hoop Dance Intensive Workshop and I feel absolutely thrilled and very excited about developing my hooping potential!

It was such a great day! Amy is a FAB teacher with her Happy-GO-Smiley personality and a strong dedication to support and encourage others.

I was able to hoop at ease and with complete knowing that "YES! I CAN DO IT!"
There is no right or wrong, it’s simply a way to express your true Self creatively without judgment and to just be in the moment, you and the hoop.

Hooping has helped me connect more with my Self and allowed me to take time and show myself more compassion. It has been so great at helping to switch off my mind when I've needed to.

For me, it’s all about trust and fully accepting myself in every moment. Having a rocky past and a hard upbringing I have been working deeply to heal myself and wanting to embrace my inner child's expression as much as possible. Hooping is really helping me embrace this and gives me my own freedom, inner power and strength which ripples out.

I highly recommend HoopLovin's Hoop Workshops, Classes & Courses for super fun and bubbly awakening! I'm looking forward to more hip 'swinging, bum jiggling’ and chasing after my hoop!

Amy you are a STAR!