"Amy shivers me timbers in a way that never be shivered afore. Wenchtastic grogcurdling feats of outstanding whizz and wonder"
~ James Tea Cook, Pirate O The Carob Bean


"Amy is a truly inspiring, healthy, heart-full human being! She is full of joy and has the best hula hooping skills I've ever seen!
Multi-talented, awesome, beautiful and with some amazing costumes to boot!"
~ Shanna

"I am thankful to know you Amy and so glad I found the HoopLovin classes as they have helped me so much."
~ Alison


"When I grow up I want to be a hula hoop so we can hang out all the time."
~ Miles

"I wish that young kids could have role models like you as part of their education, it would stop a lot of heartache in life for them. Well done you for getting things sussed and for living life your heart lead way."
~ Niki

"You are truly a role model and I'm sure you will inspire many girls and, dare I say it, make many men think, for you have me. I know we do not know each other, but you have brought a smile to my face with the uploads you have posted. All I can say is keep up the good work!"
~ Mikee

"Amy is one of the most joyous beings I have ever been privileged to witness perform, her presence is an asset to any event. She combines a professional hard working ethos with an innate charm and a fascinating, fluid, fun-filled fountain of feminine and fantabulous hoop dance performance skills."
~ Simon

"Amy HoopLovin is an example of persistence, technique, practice, playfulness, happiness and beauty. I met her at a festival called Into The Wild and those are the 3 words that can only describe the few hours that I spent talking to her and watching her performances during the event."

"I was lucky enough to do a workshop with you at London Hoop Fest and you helped me master a skill I'd been really struggling with. You brought such a positive energy to the room.
I enjoy following you on Facebook as many of your posts have inspired me. This week I have decided to go from lacto-ovo vegetarian to mostly ovo-vegetarian and a lot of what you have shared has helped me with this. 
Thank you Amy and keep on shining!" - Jennifer