HoopLovin Hoop Dance
3 Workshops in 1 Day!

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Mini Session - Beginners (35 minutes)
You're a complete beginner hooper? Just want to go over the basics again? PERFECT!
The pre-requisites for the other workshops on this day require at least 30 minutes of hooping time in a lifetime and therefore a basic introductory level of waist and hand hooping is required. This mini session will totally set you up for the day and allow you to be comfortable and prepared for the other workshops. You will have the opportunity to learn the basics of waist hooping and hand hooping which is perfect if you are a complete beginner hooper! This mini session is also fantastic if you'd like to start hooping in the other direction but are yet to give yourself the time to do so.


Flow, Body Movement & "Breaks" Workshop (1 hour 30 minutes)
During this workshop, you will be invited on a journey into your dance and own unique hooping element through various games, exercises and techniques which will be accompanied by incredible music. You will learn specific whole body movements that have been designed to unlock the body into more fluidity when dancing with and even without a hoop. These techniques will build the foundations for you to move and dance more freely with more confidence, grace and joy and into your own playfully creative self-expression.
I will also teach an array of "breaks" - to change the direction of the hoops spin. "Breaks" are a wonderful key to dancing fluidly with hoops particularly with music as they give us the opportunity to "break" on the beat. This creates rhythmic movements, power as well as more fluidity.

Hoop Revelations (1 hour 30 minutes)
I find the Hoop Dance journey with the progression of tricks, transitions and techniques truly fascinating and invigorating! Those moments that have literally stopped me in my tracks and made me rejoice out loud with "Oh my gosh!", "Wooooow!" and "YES!!". These moments that I have experienced many many times over, now have a name, it's "Hoop Revelations"!

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn some of the greatest HoopLovin Mini Hoop Dance sequences that have developed from my personal moments. These contain from 3 to 4 tricks which all flow fluidly from one to the other and all of which you can bring into your own Hoop Dance. This workshop will be sure to encourage your creativity and inner hoop dancer to come out to play more and more!

What you will learn and develop throughout the day and ongoingly from these sessions will set you up in your Hoop Dance journey for life!
You will also have the opportunity to film everything that I have taught throughout the sessions so you have your own personal HoopLovin workshop info to refer back to at anytime.

If you're are wanting to attend both of the main workshops then a discounted price is available to you!
You will also get the "Mini Session for Beginners" for FREE too!
All prices confirmed when next event is confirmed.